We build bridges of dialogue and participatory action between citizens, civil society, private sector, and local governments to collectively respond to people’s needs.

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We are a research and action center

We are a research and action center working with public, private and civil society. We design and implement actions to promote cities and communities as habitable spaces for all to thrive. We work for more inclusive, sustainable, safe and resilient cities.

We facilitate and promote
citizen collaboration

We facilitate and promote
citizen collaboration

in solving community problems, creating a sense of co-responsibility, developing innovative community leadership, and strengthening interpersonal trust, social cohesion, and therefore local democracies.

“Cities are as vulnerable as their most vulnerable citizen.”

Daniela Chacón Arias
Executive Director

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Our supporters:

FCD Ciudadanía y Desarrollo
Fundación Destino Libertad
NDI Ecuador
National Endowment for Democracy
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Alcaldía de Esmeraldas
Friedrich Naumann Stiftung
Global road Safety Partnership
Fundación Panamericana para el Desarrollo
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International Republican Institute
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Honorable Gobierno Provincial de Tungurahua
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